South Korean Minister expresses regret over Hyundai’s mistake !

Supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue !

Editorial comment

South Korea has expressed regret to maintain the relations with India after the patriotic Indians raised their voice, but Hyundai has still not apologised ! Such organisations, disrespecting the feelings of Indians, should be banned forever !

New Delhi – On 5th February, the ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ celebrated by Pakistan, the South Korean company Hyundai shared a post on social media in favour of Pakistan. The South Korean Foreign Minister has expressed regret on this matter. Indians protested on a large scale against Hyundai. Hence, the South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-Yong expressed his regret on the matter on a call with S. Jaishankar, Foreign Minister of India.

India had summoned the Ambassador of South Korea on this matter and had expressed his disappointment as well. The Indian Ambassador of Seoul had given the same message to the Government of South Korea. After people started protesting against Hyundai, South Korea had posted a message on the social media platforms expressing their regret on the matter but avoided apologising directly.

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