Burqa-clad student awarded Rs. 5 lakh by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind for confrontationally shouting Allah Hu Akbar at Hindu students shouting Jai Shriram

Editorial Comment

  • On the contrary had it been a Hindu girl student protesting the crowd of religious fanatic students, what would have happened to this Hindu girl need not be said. As the students were Hindus, they protested politely. Realise that the progressives are deliberately ignoring it !
  • Realise that secularists and progressives never spoke a word about the religious fanatics who abused a Hindu lady Police during the Raza Academy riots at Azad Maidan, Mumbai.
  • Why don’t the so-called secularists and activists fighting for women’s freedom talk about the religious fanatics who kill Hindu girls through Love Jihad ?
  • How are Muslim students coming to those colleges wearing a burqa when they are demanding permission for a hijab ? Why doesn’t anyone talk about it ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – At M. Gandhi Memorial College in Mandya, Karnataka, an agitation for permitting hijab is going on even after entering the college wearing hijabs. Hindu students are also demanding entry wearing saffron scarves. Against this backdrop, a large number of Hindu students had gathered outside the college campus on 8th February wearing saffron scarves.

Students in a lawful way, shouting ‘Jai Shriram’ protested against a Burqa-clad student entering the college and this lone student opposing them, shouted back ‘Allah Hu Akbar’.  Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has announced a prize of Rs. 5 lakhs for this student named Muskan Khan. The organisation said they were giving the award to encourage her.

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