College is bent upon making girl students choose between study and hijab :  Winner of Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousufzai

Editorial comments

  • How can Malala forget the firing on her by the Taliban due to not abiding by Islam ? How can she tolerate now such religious fanaticism and orthodox attitude ? She should not forget that Karnataka belongs to India and not Talibani Afghanistan; and should not interfere in India’s issue.
  • It wouldn’t be incorrect if any patriot and rule-following Indian says the Muslim girls who wish to wear hijab in the colleges by disregarding the administration rules should go to Talibani Afghanistan !

New Delhi – Nobel Laureate and Human Rights activist Malala Yousufzai has stated in a tweet regarding the issue of hijab in Karnataka that college is forcing us to choose between study or hijab.

Refusing to let girls go to school in hijabs is ‘horrifying’. The objectivity of women wearing less or more clothes is being objected to. Indian leaders must stop the marginalisation of Muslim women.

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