KFC apologises for tweeting in support of Pakistan regarding Kashmir issue 

No apology from Pizza Hut yet

Editorial Comment

The commercial mindset of these foreign companies is evident, as, in Pakistan, they support Pakistan, and in India, they apologise and show they care about the sentiments of Indians and get away with it. With this approach, they can continue their business in India as well as Pakistan. Considering all this, the Government of India should show the door to these establishments.

New Delhi – After Hyundai and Kia the four-wheeler companies supported the separatist movement in Kashmir, the Pakistan branch of KFC, a food-selling company, also tweeted in support of Pakistan’s movement. There was a social media outrage on that post and #boycottKFC was trending. KFC later apologised for the same. Pizza Hut also shared a similar post, however, they have not apologised yet. “On the occasion of Kashmir Unity Day celebrated in Pakistan, we stand with their right to independence” they posted.

In their apology, KFC said, “We deeply apologise for a post that was published on some KFC social media channels outside the country. We honour and respect India and remain steadfast in our commitment to serving all Indians with pride.”