Colleges deny entry to students wearing hijab and saffron scarves

Hijab issue in colleges across Karnataka

In support of Muslim students, Dalit students wore blue scarves

Muslim students chanted ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and Hindu students chanted ‘Jai Shriram’

Editorial Comment

Do the Dalits, supporting the religious fanatics by saying ‘Dalit-Muslim bhai bhai,’ have the guarantee that when communal riots happen, the Dalits will be spared by the religious fanatics for being a Dalit and not attacked for being a Hindu ?

Udupi (Karnataka) – The demand of Muslim students to wear hijab in colleges has reached Shivamogga, Mandya, Bagalkot, Belagavi, Chikkaballapur, Hassan and other cities of the State. Muslim students in many colleges had wanted to enter the college wearing hijab, at the same time, Hindu students had reached the college wearing saffron scarves. However, the students were denied to enter the college as the Government had earlier banned them from wearing hijab and saffron. Both Hindu and Muslim students shouted slogans. Muslim students were shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ (Allah is great), while Hindu students were shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. CM Bommai, appealing for peace, said that the Government would take the next step only after the Court’s decision.

1. In Chikkamagaluru, some Dalit students came to the college wearing blue scarves to support Muslim students. They shouted ‘Jai Bhim’ in support of the hijab.

2. In PU Government College of Kundapur, Udupi, students wearing hijab were permitted to enter; but they just sat in a separate room with no lessons.

3. Minister of Education B.C. Nagesh said that the importance of wearing a uniform was explained to the students. Despite wearing hijab, they were permitted to enter the college to avoid crowding outside, but were made to sit in a separate room; they will not be allowed in the classroom.

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