Jinnah Tower at Guntur (AP) gets a Tricolour coat

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) – MLA Mohammad Mustafa said that at the request of various groups, it was decided to paint the Jinnah Tower in the colours of our National Flag. Guntur City Mayor Kaveti Manohar said that for some weeks BJP workers had created controversy over the tower. “We have decided to hoist the National Flag near the tower after talking to the Muslims on the campus. (What is the need to talk to local Muslims to hoist the National Flag ? India is an Independent Nation. Everyone has the right to hoist the National Flag anywhere in India, following the Flag Code. – Editor)

BJP In-charge of Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Deodhar said that they will continue to agitate till the name of Jinnah Tower is changed. It is good that now it has colours of our National Flag, but its name should change too. Just like the name of Aurangzeb Marg, Jinnah Tower’s name should be changed to ‘APJ Abdul Kalam Tower’, he said. On Republic Day, some Hindus tried to hoist the National Flag on the Jinnah Tower, but the Police stopped them. (One may even question if Guntur is in India or in Pakistan ? – Editor)

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