12 MBBS students in Saharanpur (UP) sought euthanasia from the President

The college belongs to Mohammad Iqbal, MLA Bahujan Samaj Party

Editorial comment

BJP Government should make inquiries about, how was the college is running despite de-recognised ? In this case, a crime should be registered in the name of Mohammad Iqbal and he must be arrested.

Saharanpur (UP) – Students of Glocal Medical College have requested the President for allowing them to carry out Euthanasia. For the past few years, students are studying in this college, but it has been de-recognised by the Medical Council of India. Due to not getting justice from anywhere, these students have demanded permission to carry out euthanasia by giving a memorandum in the City Magistrate’s office in the name of the President.

These students have alleged that despite not being recognised, the college had accepted lakhs of rupees fees from them by keeping them in the dark.

This College belongs to the MLA in the Legislative Assembly and a mining business owner, Mohammad Iqbal. Every student in this college has spent 30 to 35 lakhs of rupees on education.

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