AIMIM leader Waris Pathan`s face blackened by a young Muslim man in Indore

A young Muslim man confessed that he blackened Waris Pathan’s face because Pathan made anti-national and divisive statements regarding the country and the religion

Editorial Comment

It is clear who is creating a rift about the country and the religion. Youngsters from Pathan’s own religion are opposing such religious fanatic leaders. Would the progressives and secularists notice this ?

Indore (MP) – All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) leader and Mumbai’s former MLA Waris Pathan visited Kala Khajrana Dargah in the Khajrana area in Madhya Pradesh. A young man blackened Pathan’s face and fled the scene. Later the Police arrested the attacker. His name is Saddam Patel and he has been released on bail. The video of this incident was posted on the internet.

Saddam Patel said, Waris Pathan has been constantly making anti-national and divisive statements about the country and religion.  This is causing a rift between the two religions. To condemn this and to display my anger over this, I blackened his face.

Pathan claims there was no such incident

Waris Pathan claims there was no such incident. ‘A small boy put a black spot on my face. I  wiped it. Photographs of that time have been circulated and Congress is behind all this.’ He claimed. (A display of false pride – Editor)

Pathan’s earlier objectionable statement

Opposing the CAA Bill, Pathan had said, “15 crore Muslims will prove stronger than 100 crore Hindu majority”. He withdrew his statement after this was opposed.

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