Jammu-Kashmir part of Pakistan, Arunachal Pradesh part of China in the world map posted on WHO website

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Dr Santanu Sen’s complaint to PM Modi

New Delhi – Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Dr Santanu Sen wrote to PM Modi saying, a map posted on WHO’s Covid-19 website shows J&K as part of Pakistan and Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. To which WHO has not responded. In the letter, Sen stated, when I clicked on the blue tab on this WHO website, it showed the Covid-19 dashboard of India.

Then I clicked on the Jammu-Kashmir part, and it showed data of Pakistan. The same was observed in the data related to China. It is a serious international issue and the Government should take note of this and correct it. It is a grievous issue for the citizens of our country. In the letter, Sen also demanded that Prime Minister Modi should order an inquiry into the matter and take necessary action.