Declare India a Hindu Nation Constitutionally !

Hundreds of Saints approve the proposal in Sant Sammelan at Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh !

Editorial comment

In fact, India was expected to be declared the Hindu Nation in 1947 itself. Now that this demand is gaining momentum again, the Saints have endorsed this public sentiment and demanded the Hindu Nation. As BJP is a pro-Hindu party, it should respect public sentiment and move in that direction !

Prayagraj (UP) – Hundreds of Saints and Sages had participated in the Sant Sammelan organised on the occasion of Magh Mela at Brahmarshi Ashram here. Shankaracharya Narendranand Saraswati was among the attendees. At this time, the Saints approved the proposal that India should be declared a ‘Hindu Nation’ by amending the Constitution. The Saints said that the aim of the Sant Sammelan is to make India a ‘Hindu Nation’ and to eradicate Islamic Jihad. The 125-crore people of the country should now declare by themselves that ‘India is a Hindu Nation’. They should start writing like this from today, only then the movement of this demand will reach all over the country, and finally, the Government will bow before the Saints and Hindus.

The Saints also demanded in the Sammelan that the minority status of Muslims in India be abolished. They also passed the resolutions calling for the abolition of the Government acquisition of Muths and temples, for the nationwide enactment of anti-conversion laws, and punishing the culprits with the death penalty. The demand was also made that the two religious leaders, Narasimhanand Giri Maharaj and Waseem Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi, who are in jail, should be released from jail at the earliest.

With the BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh, no attempt is expected to obstruct the religious programme of Hindu Saints !

Administration’s attempts to keep Saints away from the Sammelan !

Some Saints alleged that the District administration had telephoned them and asked them not to attend the Sammelan. The administration also created other obstacles.

Due to the Administration’s refusal to allow the name ‘Dharmasansad’, it was renamed as ‘Sant Sammelan’ !

Editorial comment

It is shameful that Hindu Saints in Hindu-majority India have to change the name of their programme in this way ! The only solution is to establish a Hindu Nation  ! – Editor

The convention was earlier called ‘Dharmasansad’; however, the administration objected to the name and refused to allow it, hence, it was renamed as ‘Sant Sammelan’, the Saints said.