Kashmir dispute should be resolved by discussion : Pak PM Imran Khan

Editorial comments

  • The problem of Kashmir has been created by Pakistan in 1948 by holding a gun to the head and hence, it has to be resolved the same way. India will not forget that in the last 75 years, Pakistan has killed lakhs of Hindus by Jihadi terrorism in Kashmir and hoodwink India in the name of discussion.
  • Bankrupt Pakistan intends to improve economic relations with India.  Patriots feel that until India does not get back its Pak occupied Kashmir, India should not have any economic relations with Pakistan.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – To endure permanent peace in South Asia a strategic balance has to be maintained by all nations based on their Government policy. It is necessary to take measures by discussion under diplomacy and international law on all pending issues like border questions and the Kashmir issue said Pak PM Imran Khan. The Winter Olympics in Beijing, the capital of China, begins on 4th February and Imran Khan will attend its inauguration. The US and its allies have already boycotted this Olympics.

The news about atrocities on Uyghur Muslims is fake

Editorial comment

Imran Khan has made it clear by defending China in this way that they are treacherous and not protectors of Muslims. The Muslims of India should remember the hypocrite Pakistan which always yells about the alleged atrocities on Muslims in India.

Imran Khan before leaving for China spoke to reporters in Islamabad and expressed his opinion about the atrocities on the Uyghur Muslims of China. He said that Pak Ambassador visited the Xinjiang Province of China. He did not find any facts about the atrocities being committed on the Uyghur Muslims.