The hatred of the uncultured for Sanskrut


These protests aren’t merely to oppose Sanskrut, but using Sanskrut as a decoy to protest against Hindu Dharma !

Whenever the topic of developing Sanskrut comes up, there isn’t a single instance where the extremists, Congress, the so-called progressives and anti-Hindus haven’t cried foul. This was on display again recently in Karnataka. Basavaraj Bommai (Chief Minister of the BJP-led Karnataka Government) declared that 100 acres of land has been allocated for the construction of a Sanskrut University in Magadi in the Ramanagar District of Karnataka. The anti-Sanskrut brigade tried to turn their protest into a widespread agitation by trending ‘#SayNoToSanskrit’ on Twitter. The self-proclaimed torchbearers of regional and linguistic pride jumped into the fray in an attempt to milk the situation. Congress went one-step further and appealed to some groups in the State to launch a strong protest against the decision.

It is obvious that the root cause of these protests is the deep hatred for Sanskrut. The previous State Government had established the said University in 2010. The University comprises 21 colleges and over 350 Sanskrut schools. The University did not have a permanent campus. It is thanks to the current Government, that need is going to be fulfilled.

Actually, Sanskrut is the principal language of India. All religious and Holy texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads are written in Sanskrut. However, after Independence, the man who called himself a ‘Pandit’ declared Sanskrut a ‘dead language’. The scientists at NASA have admitted that Sanskrut is the most scientific language in which words are written exactly the way they are spoken. Furthermore, ancient Indian science is being taught in Sanskrut at IIT Indore. At a time when scientists all over the world are praising Sanskrut, the so-called progressives and rationalists and the Congress are going above and beyond with their anti-Sanskrut agenda. The Karnataka Government should ignore these protests, implement its decision and start work on the construction as soon as possible.

Why no protests against the Urdu University ?

When the Janata Dal (S) was in power in 2018 in Karnataka and HD Devegowda was the Chief Minister, a decision was taken to establish an Urdu University in Kalaburgi. Surprisingly, at a time when the State Government-funded Universities were in a state of utter neglect, the Government was trying to establish an Urdu University. The secular, so-called progressive brigade and Congress who are protesting against the Sanskrut University today neither uttered a single word in protest nor trended #SayNoToUrdu on Twitter. This merely demonstrates that their hatred for Sanskrut is prejudiced and opportunistic. People who are protesting against Sanskrut should have also clarified – if the development of Sanskrut is a threat to the State’s linguistic pride, how was Urdu going to nurture Karnataka’s linguistic pride ? Therefore, it is important to understand that these protests aren’t merely to oppose Sanskrut, but using Sanskrut as a decoy to protest against Hindu Dharma – this is the actual focal point of these protests.

The importance of Sanskrut is not limited to its cultural impact; Sanskrut is conducive for national unity as well. Sanskrut is the only language that keeps Indians in every corner of the country united. Sanskrut shlokas recited by people in Jammu & Kashmir as a part of their daily life are the same as are recited by people in Kanyakumari as a part of their daily life. Unknowingly, this leads to unity between the country’s citizens – something that every Government has failed to create in the past 74 years. It is a fact that no other language possesses such power.

State-protection for Sanskrut is necessary

ESanskrut is the mother of all languages. The importance and prestige of the language are unquestionable. The anti-Sanskrut brigade in Karnataka which is protesting against the Sanskrut University should know that the rulers of Mysuru of the same State of Karnataka made timely interventions dedicated to promoting Sanskrut. While doing this, they never felt their linguistic pride was being threatened by Sanskrut. Then, why does only the Congress feels so ? Furthermore, the only Sanskrut newspaper in the world (called ‘Sudharma’) that recently marked its golden jubilee, is published from Mysuru. Very few Congress members might be aware that Sanskrut schools were established during Indira Gandhi’s tenure in 1970 and in 1974, a Sanskrut news bulletin was launched on Akashvani during the tenure of Prime Minister PV Narsimha Rao of the same Congress party. The first two Commissions were established for the development of Sanskrut also during Congress’ tenure. Although all these initiatives were taken by the Congress, it should be noted that Sanskrut faced utter neglect and desertion during Congress’ tenure. The present Government should rectify this mistake and provide State-protection to Sanskrut. This will mark the first step towards becoming self-reliant in the true sense !