Eleventh attack on Pakistan’s famous Hinglaj Mandir in 22 months by religious fanatics

Editorial comments

  • Pakistan’s Prime Minister boasted by saying that the Indian Government has failed to protect the minorities in the country, but Hindus in Pakistan are not protected; would he say something now ?
  • Hindus are incessantly thinking, ‘Will the Indian Government do something to protect the Hindus who are being attacked continuously in Pakistan ?’

Tharparkar (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s religious fanatics on Sunday demolished the famous Hinglaj Mandir, located in Khatri Mohalla in Tharparkar District in Sindh Province. This is the 11th attack in the last 22 months. Local Hindus took Protest Morcha on this incident.

Krishen Sharma, President Hindu Mandir Management reached the spot and in interaction with media told them that Islamist radicals were not even afraid of Pakistan Supreme Court and the Pakistani Government.

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