Young woman sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Muhammad through Whatsapp

Editorial comment

It is embarrassing that in India although through different mediums Hindu Dharma, Deities revered by Hindus, Hindu temples, etc. are insulted, and not even a complaint is lodged against it !

Rawalpindi (Pakistan) – The Court has convicted a young woman of blasphemy and sentenced her to death. This woman has been blamed for using insulting words against Prophet Muhammad on Whatsapp. The Court gave this sentence based on a complaint lodged by a person named Farooq Hasanat.

In the year 2020, the accused named Aneeqa Ateeq had sent some WhatsApp messages of blasphemy to Farooq. Farooq had immediately asked her to delete those messages and apologise but she had denied doing so. Farooq complained to the local Police station and Aneeqa Ateeq was arrested. Both Farooq Hasanat and Aneeqa Ateeq were friends at one time. A few years ago, they had an argument and Aneeqa had sent Farooq offensive messages on Whatsapp out of anger.