Seer Rishi Kumarswami, the Chief of Kali Muth, arrested at Chikkamagaluru (Karnataka)

Had appealed for the demolition of Jamia mosque at Srirangapatna (Karnataka) to build Hanuman temple because the mosque was built by demolishing the temple !

Editorial comments 

  • Realise that the Maulana (Islamic Scholars) like Tauqeer Raza is not arrested even after their statements about killing Hindus, whereas, on Hindu Saints, quick action is taken ! 
  • Islamic invaders (Mughals) destroyed Hindu temples and built mosques on them. If Hindus are lawfully proposing the reconstruction of the temple in such places, the Government should give due consideration to it and return such places to Hindus !

Srirangapatna (Karnataka) – On 18th January, at Chikkamagaluru, Seer Rishi Kumarswamiji, the Chief of Kali Muth, was arrested for proposing the reconstruction of Hanuman temple in the place of Jamia mosque. A video of Rishi Kumarswamiji has become viral on social media. He said that there was a Hanuman temple on the site of Jamia mosque and hence, just as Babri mosque, this mosque also has to be soon demolished to build a Hanuman temple. The pillars and walls of this mosque are according to Vastu science. Hindus and Hindu organisations should come together regarding this matter. The Police arrested Swamiji after seeing this video. This video was made viral on Facebook.

  1. Even after getting arrested and being presented in the District Court, Seer Rishi Kumarswamiji was firm on his statement. The advocate of Rishi Kumarswamiji said that the statement of the Seer is not wrong. He expressed his sorrow after seeing the Hindu signs and symbols in the mosque.
  2. The Government advocate opposed the bail of Rishi Kumarswamiji as it would lead to disputes in society as well as the evidence can be destroyed. Now, the hearing of this matter has been adjourned.