Coronavirus is a Satan sent by Allah ! : TK Hamza, CPI(M)

Editorial comments

  • ‘Religion is an addictive drug’, is the thinking of the communists; but only after this statement made by the leader of ruling party CPI(M), all the communists have been sitting silently ! These communists protest only against Hindu Dharma and traditions, but hesitate to speak against Islam ! 
  • If such a statement would have been made by some devout Hindu leader, the secularists and the progressives would have created havoc by now ! This conveys their affection for Islam and hatred for Hindus !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – In the meeting organised at Kozhikode by the Waqf board, TK Hamza, the senior leader of the ruling Communist Party of India (CPI-M), said, “Coronavirus is a Satan sent by Allah. The coronavirus pandemic is prevailing to bring the directionless human on the correct path and unless the human doesn’t come on the correct path, the coronavirus won’t go.” Hamza is the former minister of CPI(M) and was the President of the Waqf board.

Hamza further said, “People, especially the Muslims should think ‘Have we not distanced ourselves from the teachings of Quran ?’ This whole world belongs to Allah. He has given us the responsibility to protect his property. Hence, it is necessary that everyone wholeheartedly fulfils this responsibility.”