Nestle apologises for printing a picture of Shri Jagannath on a chocolate wrapper

Result of awakening created by the awakened Hindus through social media 

Editorial comment

  • Congratulations to the awakened Hindus who immediately raised their voice against the image of Deities printed on the cover of Nestle`s KitKat chocolate.

New Delhi – The multinational organisation Nestle had printed pictures of Shri Jagannath, Shri Balbhadra and Mata Subhadra on the cover of their KitKat chocolate. Awakened Hindus raised their voice against this on social media. This led to a controversy and Nestle apologised. Nestle has also recalled all such products from the market.

  1. According to social media users, after eating chocolate, people throw the wrappers away on the streets and in the trashcan. Therefore, putting pictures of Deities on the chocolate cover is an insult to them.
  2. Nestle explained that the purpose of their ‘Travel Break Pack’ was to celebrate the beauty of local destinations. That is how they showed Odisha culture on this pack. For this, the pack was designed to show a glimpse of the unique artwork.
  3. Nestle said that the pictures used on the Chocolate cover were inspired by Government’s travel website. We wanted to inspire people to learn more about the artists associated with this art. It was noticed that people keep such beautiful designs with them.
  4. Nestle stated that if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt due to our unknowingly committed mistake, we apologise to them.

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