Pakistan conspiring to sabotage Punjab Assembly elections 

Editorial comments

  • Still how many shreds of evidences against Pakistan are required for India to take stringent action against it ?
  • Even after 74 years after Independence, the elections in the country are being carried out under the clouds of terrorism, which is very disgraceful for all-party rulers.

New Delhi – Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is trying to sabotage Punjab Assembly elections. ISI thinks the election period is going to be a great opportunity to boost Khalistani terrorism. (It is quite evident that Pakistan is behind the boosting of terrorism in Khalistan. Once Pakistan is taught a lesson, Khalistani organisations also will come to their senses. – Editor)

  1. ISI has conspired to hatch some plot of terrorist activities in UP and Uttarakhand along with Punjab. Khalistani terrorist organisations plan to get the support of Sikhs in the State.
  2. ISI is going to target the Foot-march or rallies organised by various Parties in Punjab.
  3. Khalistani organisations like Sikh Youth Federation, Babbar Khalsa International, Khalistan Commando Force and Sikhs For Justice are on Indian Security Agencies radar; they are being watched very minutely to observe their activities.
  4. As per reports, ISI has instructed the above mentioned Khalistani organisations to provide a route of the supply of weapons and explosives in Punjab.

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