I would reopen the slaughterhouses closed by Yogi Adityanath Government : Bait by the Congress candidate for Moradabad (UP)

Editorial comments

  • Hindu religious sentiments are hurt due to cow–slaughtering on a large scale in slaughterhouses. Despite knowing this to give assurance as this amounts to provoking Hindus. Such Congressmen causing a rift in the society should be put in jail by the Government.
  • Will animal rights activists and environmentalist organisations speak against the Congress candidate ?

Moradabad (UP) – Rizwan Qureshi, the Congress candidate for Moradabad city, has now claimed that if he wins the upcoming election from his constituency then the first thing he would do is reopen the slaughterhouses that were closed by Yogi Adityanath Government. He continued saying that when Yogi Adityanath’s Government took office in 2017, he shut down more than 150 State’s illegal slaughterhouses and took action against more than 356 cow smugglers. He claimed that the Uttar Pradesh Police regularly harassed the Qureshi community.

National Green Tribunal had instructed the Government to close old slaughterhouses and build slaughterhouses fully equipped with modern amenities. Due to constant harassment by the Police and shutting off the old slaughterhouses, the Qureshi community had run out of business. If he was elected, then he would construct modern slaughterhouses in the District.

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