Pakistan not seeking hostility with India for the next 100 years

A shift in the national policy of the economically bankrupt Pakistan

Kashmir, however, remains an important national policy

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  • Pakistan is saying this because of the financial crisis, but who will believe this ? Backstabbing has always been Pakistan`s attitude. The truth is, India will not for into Pakistan’s trap.
  • Pak claims its right to Kashmir, an integral part of India ! Patriots expect India to make a concerted effort to gain control of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan is losing hundreds of crores of rupees due to strained relations with India. Overall, Pakistan’s economic situation has deteriorated. Similarly, part of its first national security policy made by Pakistan has been announced. It says it would prioritise good business relations with neighbouring countries. In this policy, it is mentioned that there will be no enmity with India for the next 100 years. However, in this 100-page statement, it is also said that without taking a final decision on the issue of Kashmir, efforts will be made to improve trade and business relations with India. Along with this, the status of the Kashmir issue will be maintained in the important national policy.

After India removed Article 370, which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan imposed restrictions on its administrative relations with India and trade between the two countries.

The policy will be unveiled by Prime Minister Imran Khan on 14th January.

Pakistan has revealed only a part of the policy rest of it is kept confidential. The Pakistan army has played an important role in making this policy.

It is impossible to have good relations with India under the Modi Government – Pakistan

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No wonder Pakistan doesn’t like pro-Hindu Modi

In an interview with The Express Tribune, a Pakistani official said, it is impossible to have good relations with India under the Modi Government.