Andhra Pradesh HC orders removal of illegal constructions by Heera Islamic University by encroaching on waters at Tirupati

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti had protested against this construction some years ago.

Editorial comments

  • Why does such an order need to be passed by the Court ? Were the Government agencies sleeping during the illegal construction activity ?
  • Most Islamic organisations are found to be carrying out land jihad. This is one such case. Stringent action needs to be taken against religious fanatics to prevent such activities !

Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) – The Andhra Pradesh High Court has ordered the removal of illegal constructions by Heera Islamic University by encroaching on the waters at Thondavada, Tirupati. Thumma Omkar, a resident, had filed a case against the encroachment. (Commendable step taken by Thumma Omkar against such encroachments ! Hindus should learn from Omkar ! – Editor)

According to the Court’s observation, in this case, the water area in the Thondavada region near Tirupati has been encroached upon. The Islamic University, which has encroached on this watershed, has acknowledged that this area is a ‘buffer zone’ and has been encroached upon, but the High Court has not yet ruled on the removal of the encroached illegal construction. The officials of this university are ready to go to Court, but political interference is a major obstacle. While delivering this important verdict, the High Court commended Thumma Omkar for raising his voice against this encroachment.

जागो हिंदू जागो !

तिरुपति में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय इस्लामी विद्यापीठ खडा करने का षडयंत्र !

1. The order said that the authorities should take legal action against the encroachment and illegal construction without waiting for the people to fight against it.

2. Earlier, administrative authorities had issued several orders to Heera Islamic University, but due to political interference, no action was taken. There are talks among the people that important politicians from all political parties have been bribed to cover up the issue.

3. As per the Court order, the construction at the site will have to be removed because no construction can be done on this place. Administrative authorities may remove these constructions without prior notice.