Conspiracy to discourage Hindus from abiding by Dharma

Hindu festivals are banned on the pretext of corona, Muslims are allowed to celebrate Eid by removing corona restrictions !

H.H. (Adv.) Suresh Kulkarni

1. The Police, administration, heretics and progressive elements discouraging Hindus from abiding by Dharma 

Ahead of Diwali, States and Union Territories (UTs) issued new guidelines restricting bursting of firecrackers as directed by the Supreme Court (SC). The SC banned bursting of firecrackers saying it causes pollution. This got wide publicity because if something happens about Hindus in the country, it gets a lot of publicity. No matter how badly the religious fanatics behave, the media remains mum. Looking at the way things are taking place today, Hindu festivals, celebrations, Hindus’ religious customs, practices and traditions are being deliberately targeted. Restrictions are always imposed by the Administration and the Police during Hindu festivals. If they miss restricting some festivals, the so-called environmentalists and progressives discourage Hindus from abiding by Dharma. Let us understand more about this.

1A. Makarsankranti : Hindus celebrate Makar-sankranti on a vast scale. As part of tradition, women worship in temples, while some men fly kites. During this festival, the love of progressives for birds erupts suddenly. Demands such as ‘Ban flying kites, which cuts the throats of birds’, etc. are made loudly. However, when many Hindu girls are killed by religious fanatics due to one-sided love in incidents (burning of girls with kerosene or throwing acid on them) taking place everywhere, no one ever files petitions or even comments on this.

Gangasagar in Bengal is a famous pilgrimage place, which has a lot of significance. It is called ‘Har Tirath Bar Bar, Gangasagar Ek Bar !’ (Many pilgrim centres can be visited many times, but Gangasagar only once). Permission for the celebration of this festival in January was denied and restrictions were placed on travel to this pilgrim centre. Several petitions against this had to be filed in High Courts and the Supreme Court.

1B. Holi and Dhulendi : Environmentalists also target Holi and Dhulendi. ‘Don’t cut trees, don’t light Holi, think of the environment’, is their appeal. In short, their demand is that the festival not be celebrated. On the other hand, when millions of trees are being cut, no one talks about it. There are industries that oppose Hindu festivals only on the pretext of ‘harm’ to the environment. Dhulendi comes the day after Holi. These anti-Hindu elements come forward to oppose this festival which has been going on since the time of Shrikrushna. “It is a drought-like situation, don’t waste water”, they appeal. The amount of water used in this Hindu festival is only 1% of what is wasted every day by breweries and slaughterhouses. These progressives and environmentalists do not talk about this. The Administration and Police, on the other hand, also ignore this. They are busy taking bribes covertly. They release big advertisements greeting the communities of other religions at the time of their festivals. In the past, Iftar parties used to be sponsored by them. These have been stopped since the Modi Government came to power.

1C. Pandhari Wari : Pandhari Wari (Walking to Pandharpur where the temple of Shri Viththal is located) in the month of Ashadha is a 700-year-old tradition. Governments of all political parties, which have not been able to provide even basic facilities for the Wari, are seen obstructing the Wari for various reasons. For the past 2 years, no one has been allowed to walk on foot during the Wari, citing the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, elections and programmes of political parties took place as usual with large gatherings.

1D. Month of Shravan (Mahashivaratra and Nagapanchami) : The celebrations of Hindu festivals begin in the month of Shravan. At the same time, these heretics strive to oppose every festival of Hindus. During Nagapanchami, they appeal – Do not worship snakes, do not give them milk. In the month of Shravan, not only the Shaivas, but also Vaishnavas and devotees of other sects worship Deity Shiva. When they visit a temple of Deity Shiva, they carry milk to pour on the pindi. This milk is also sought to be collected by the heretics. They make false claims – ‘We will give this milk to the poor’. At such times, Hindus who lack education on Dharma fall victim to their claims and give milk to the heretics instead.

1E. Month of Bhadrapad (Ganeshotsav) : Hindus celebrate Ganeshotsav with great enthusiasm, but the heretics try to thwart them vociferously with equal zest. The Police and Administration allow the public celebration Ganeshotsav after placing a lot of restrictions. Even after this, an attempt is made to put Hindus in trouble by giving various reasons such as setting up a pandal on the road and causing noise pollution will disturb people. Finally, when Hindus start to immerse the Idols of Deity Ganesh in flowing water, the heretics shout – ‘Don’t pollute the water’, ‘Donate Idols’, etc. There has been a tradition of immersing Shri Ganesh Idols in flowing water for many centuries. Many large organisations and environmentalists, such as IITs, agree that immersing Idols made from soil in flowing water does not lead to pollution. Despite this, for the past few years, efforts have been made at various levels to ensure that Shri Ganesh Idols are not immersed in flowing water. Environmentalists lead such campaigns. Many political leaders also support them. Immersion tanks are constructed by these leaders at various places upon the instigation of heretics. Idols of Shri Ganesh are collected door-to-door when unreligious Hindus fall victim to this propaganda and donate their Idols. The Idols of Deity Ganesh, who is worshipped for 10 days, are handed over to the heretics. It is necessary to know if these heretics immerse the Idols properly. Hindus should ensure that these Idols are not desecrated or sold the next year.

1F. Pitru-paksha : In Pitru-paksha (The dark fortnight in the Hindu Almanac month of Bhadrapad, when some rituals are performed for the ancestors), Hindus ritually feed their departed ancestors and perform the shraddha rituals. In these 15 days, many so-called progressives taunt Hindus and obstruct them from performing their religious duties. They suggest Hindus spend money in donating books to orphans and poor children instead of wasting food on crows. Therefore, many Hindus-by-birth go to old age homes and donate money. When cruel Aurangzeb put his father Shah Jahan in prison and cut off his food and water, Shah Jahan wrote to Aurangzeb – ‘Hindu children give food and water to their deceased fathers. You stopped my food while I am alive’. This is recorded in history. (This is not taught as it may glorify Hindus.)

1G. Navaratra and Dussehra : Shakti (Divine Energy) and the Goddess are worshipped everywhere for 10 days from Ashwin Shukla Paksha Pratipada. At this time too as during Ganeshotsav, various obstacles are created. In Bengal, Durga Puja is widely performed in the month of Ashwin and Goddess Kalimata is worshipped during Diwali; however, Hindus are not allowed to celebrate these two festivals properly. Immersion of Idols of the Goddess is banned in Bengal too. If a festival of religious fanatics comes around the same time as this festival, the immersion of the Goddess is postponed.

1H. Diwali : Diwali is celebrated everywhere with lights, earthen lamps and lighting firecrackers. (Many Hindu religious organisations such as Sanatan Sanstha have opposed lighting of firecrackers from the very beginning.) Many petitions are filed in the Courts against lighting firecrackers. The common man would wonder – Why is every Hindu festival opposed for some reason or the other ? Are the festivals of other religions opposed in a similar manner ? Do the High Courts and Supreme Court take any decision against them ? If a judgement is passed by the Courts in favour of Hindus, is it implemented ? Some examples –

1. Was the tomb of Afzal Khan on Pratapgad Fort removed when the High Court and Supreme Court ordered its removal ?

2. When loudspeakers installed on mosques were banned from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. by the Courts, did the morning Azan from the mosques stop ?

2. No one goes to the Courts during the elections, but it is amazing that a Court takes suo moto cognizance of a petition to ban Kawar Yatra !

Many restrictions were imposed on celebrating the Kumbha Mela in April on the pretext of coronavirus. Many anti-Hindu elements opposed its celebration. However, at the same time, elections were being held in Bengal, Bihar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Thousands of meetings were organised in which lakhs of people participated; then no one was afraid of the pandemic ! No one went to the Courts against holding the elections, nor did any Court entertain a suo moto petition. Surprisingly, a Court took suo moto cognizance of a petition to ban the Kawar Yatra.

3. Government of Kerala, which banned Hindu festivals on the pretext of coronavirus pandemic, lifted the ban on lockdown for 3 days only during Bakri Eid

While Hindu festivals are banned on the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic, Muslims are allowed to celebrate Bakri Eid by removing coronavirus restrictions for 3 days. For this, the lockdown was lifted for 3 days. A petition filed against this decision was heard on the second day of lifting the ban. The Kerala Government was given a deadline to file its reply. There was no stay or interim order. The petition was heard in the Court on the third day. The 3-day limit had expired. What if the Kerala Government had been fined Rs. 50 lakh ? The Government would have thought twice while appeasing the minorities.

If the State Government had been fined by the Court at that time, the Government would not have dared to take such a decision next year. With due respect to the Court, it seems necessary to observe that if the issue of religious fanatics comes up, the Court also becomes cautious.

4. Trying to provoke Hindus through advertisements

A. Some days ago, a festival of ‘Karwa Chauth’ was observed. Hindus were deliberately insulted by showing homosexuals in advertisements in the context of this festival. Due to the opposition of the awakened Hindus, the advertiser had to withdraw the advertisements. However, Justice Chandrachud mentioned this in a programme largely attended by women. He also spoke on homosexuality. This was unnecessary. By such incidents, the atheists may feel that they have the support of the judges. This encourages those who deliberately provoke Hindus.

B. Some days after this incident, advertisements about Mangalsutra (A typical ornament made of black beads worn by a married Hindu woman around the neck. it is a symbol of marriage and worn by the woman till her husband’s death) were published. These showed a half-naked man with a half-naked woman wearing a Mangalsutra. Has this not been done consciously ? How does such an obscenity arise even in the case of a sacred object ? Are such advertisements given or pranks played during the festivals of religious fanatics ?

5. Why do judges not speak when Hindus are facing atrocities ?

Religious fanatics in India burst firecrackers after Pakistan won a cricket match against India. Crimes were registered in some places in this matter. (Retd.) Justice Deepak Gupta said, “Treason is not proven here !” He claimed that he was not allowed to work freely while working in the Supreme Court. Then, why did he not speak against it during his tenure ? Justice Indu Malhotra is better than him. At the time of her retirement, she said, “I am satisfied with what I have done during my tenure”. Do Justice Chandrachud and (Retd.) Justice Deepak Gupta talk about the atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh and Tripura ? Some days ago, a conch was blown at a house during worship. The Hindu worshipper was beaten to death by his religious fanatic neighbours for this. Did Justice Chandrachud and (Retd.) Justice Deepak Gupta speak out then ?

6. Increasing spiritual strength through spiritual practice for establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is the only option !

It is unfortunate for Hindus that when they face difficulties, the Police, the Administration (or the Court) do not support Hindus. On the contrary, their actions and decisions support religious fanatics only. The only option is to bring awareness among Hindus on a large scale and increase their spiritual strength through spiritual practice so as to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

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