ISIS magazine incites Muslims in India to rebuild ‘Babri’ !


  • Carry out violent Jihad against the Government of India !
  • Punish Hindus in a way that their future generations do not forget !
  • Attack is the best defence !
Editorial comments

  • Jihadi terrorists do have a religion. That is why they are inciting their brethren to wage jihad based on religion !
  • To prevent the impending Jihad as a result of such instigations, there is no alternative to establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

New Delhi – The latest Issue of Voice of Hind, an online magazine of the jihadi terrorist organisation ISIS, has instigated Muslims in India to rebuild Babri. ‘If you are a Muslim, then you must be a terrorist and therefore, you should harass ‘them’ (Hindus)’, incited the magazine.

One of the pages of this magazine shows Hindus carrying saffron flags on the top of a building. The caption says, ‘O Good Muslims, take back Babri Masjid from Hindus !’ ‘Good Muslim’ means one who does not believe in anyone other than Allah.

The magazine instigates to punish Hindus. It speaks about seeking ‘a kind of punishment that coming generations of Hindus would remember’. It exhorted the Indian Muslims to wage violent jihad against the Indian Government. ‘Attack is the best defence rather than self-defence’, it said.

In the previous Issue of this magazine, a picture of the Idol of Deity Shiva at Murudeshwar in Karnataka was shown being vandalised. The Idol had an Islamic State flag on its head. It had threatened to break the Idols of Hindu Deities.

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