PM Modi’s convoy stranded due to the protesters at Bhatinda, Punjab

The road was cleared after 20 minutes

Alleged disclosure of Prime Minister’s confidential route information

BJP criticises Congress for the security breach

The Punjab Chief Minister claimed that the incident took place due to a sudden change of plan by the Prime Minister

Editorial comment

Those responsible for the security breach of a very important person like the Prime Minister should be severely punished.

Bhatinda (Punjab) – There was a huge security breach during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Punjab. While the convoy of Prime Minister Modi was passing by the flyover in the Hussainiwala area, the convoy of people protesting the Farm bill had blocked the road ahead.  Due to this sudden situation, the security guards deployed for Prime Minister Modi’s security became alert.

After being blocked for about 20 minutes, Modi’s convoy retreated. The incident has drawn huge criticism from across the country against the Congress Government and the Punjab Police. There is a debate going on as to who is responsible for this huge security breach of Prime Minister Modi. The question has been raised on How did the protesters come to know about the confidentiality of the route of the Prime Minister’s convoy ? However, Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi alleged that Prime Minister Modi was scheduled to arrive by helicopter as planned and the sudden change in the plan to travel by road was not conveyed by the Police and this is the cause of the situation.

Home Minister in his statement said, Prime Minister Modi landed in Bhatinda this morning and was supposed to go to the National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala by helicopter. Due to the bad weather and rain PM Modi waited for 20 minutes. As the weather did not improve, it was decided that he would visit National Martyrs Memorial by road. This was about a 2-hour journey. PM proceeded to travel after receiving confirmation from the Punjab Police about the necessary security arrangements. Around 30 km away from the venue, when the PM’s convoy reached the flyover in Hussainiwala, it was found that the road was blocked by some protesters. Prime Minister Modi was stranded on the flyover for 15-20 minutes. Punjab Government was communicated about PM’s schedule well in advance. As per the procedure, they must make necessary arrangements and contingency plans.  As per the contingency plan, the Punjab Government should deploy additional security to secure any movement by road, which was not done. Due to the security breach, it was decided to pull back the convoy to Bhatinda airport. A detailed report has been sought from the State Government. The State Government has been asked to take strict action against those responsible.

“Convey my thanks to your CM that I was able to return to Bhatinda airport alive” – PM Modi’s responds

After reaching the Bhatinda airport, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the officials, “Convey my thanks to your CM that I was able to return to Bhatinda airport alive”, reported ANI news agency.

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