Thieves break a Shivalinga in Jalandhar (Punjab) to steal silver

Another theft attempt in this Shiva Temple in the last 4 months

Editorial comment

With the anti-Hindu Congress Government in power in Punjab, it is not surprising if such attacks are carried out on Hindu Temples and Sikh Gurdwaras. People must teach a lesson to such a Government in the elections.

Jalandhar (Punjab) – When the attempt to steal the silver from the Shivalinga in the Shiva Temple at the cemetery at Rambagh in Jalandhar Cantt failed, the thieves broke the Shivalinga and stole the silver. Within hours of knowing about the incident, a new Shivalinga was installed; however, locals protested in front of the Police about the theft. Former Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal also protested against the incident. He also appealed for a closure. Four months ago, thieves stole 4 kg of silver offered on this Shivalinga. It is being speculated that the same thieves may have repeated the theft. (If this case had been thoroughly investigated 4 months ago, the theft would not have been repeated. – Editor)

Inactive Police not taking action against drug users

Kumar Pappi, the manager of the Temple, alleged that there were a large number of drug addicts in the Rambagh area. A large quantity of liquor is sold here. No action has been taken even after informing the Police. It is because of such negligence of the Police that thieves get encouraged.