Surya Namaskar programme against the ‘secularism’ of the Indian Constitution : Bawls AIMPLB

  • All India Muslim Personal Law Board opposes the Surya Namaskar programme organised by schools on the occasion of 75th Independence Day
  • Appeal to Muslim students not to participate in Surya Namaskar programmes !
Editorial comment

  • Is it acceptable to harass people from other religions by offering Namaz on the streets in the name of secularism ? How do Muslims offer Namaz in Hindu temples in the name of secularism ? If the Government is organising a Surya Namaskar programme under the same secularism, then there is nothing wrong with it !

New Delhi – The ‘All India Muslim Personal Law Board’ has opposed the organising of Surya Namaskar programmes in schools on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence. It has appealed to Muslim students not to participate in the programme. The Central Government has ordered to conduct Surya Namaskar programmes in all the States from 1st to 7th January. The Ministry of Education, Government of India has directed all the States to participate in this programme. The directive has been opposed by the Board’s General Secretary Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani.

‘India is a secular country’, Maulana Rahmani said in a statement issued. He said, ‘The customs and worship practices of the majority community cannot be imposed on the people of other religions. This order is unconstitutional. The Constitution gives people from each sect the right to worship and pray according to their respective sects. Given this, the worship practices of a particular religion cannot be imposed on the people of other sects. Islam does not allow the Sun to be worshipped as a Deity. The Government should withdraw this order respecting the secularism of the Constitution’.

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