A convert Christian arrested for desecrating the Koragajja temple

Confessed desecrating 17 religious places of different religions

 Editorial comment

Realise who is denigrating religious places ! Will the secularists and minorities open their mouths about it ?

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – A converted Christian, Devadas Desai, was arrested by Police for allegedly placing contraceptives, papers with derogatory remarks and leaflets containing articles on Jesus in the donation box and front of the Koragajja temple in the Marnamikatta area of ​​Karnataka. He is a native of Hubballi and has admitted to similarly desecrating 17 other religious places. Devadas’ father John Desai had converted to Christianity.

Devadas said, he used to give impure offerings to impure places, as the Bible has explained about the end of the world. God has pushed bad spirits out of this world. If one has to find salvation during the end of the world people have to venerate Jesus. So all other places of worship are impure. He also said he does not regret his action.

Commissioner of Police Shashi Kumar denied that the accused was mentally unstable as the information about the crimes committed by the accused and the locations was accurate.

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