If Congress comes to power, Anti-conversion law will be repealed first : Anti-Hindu declaration of Congress leader Siddaramaiah

Editorial Comments

  • How many more years will Congress dig its own political grave by turning anti-Hindu to appease Muslims and Christians ? The people of Karnataka have ousted Congress. Yet the Congress party has not learnt its lesson from it.
  • Realise that congressmen want Hindus to be converted by people from other religions, religious fanatics should trap their daughters in love and convert their daughters to other religions.
  • Realise that Congress is the descendant of the Mughal invaders, Nizam and Tipu Sultan.
  • Realise that Congressmen want Hindus to convert to other religions, religious fanatics to trap their daughters in love !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The anti-conversion law will be repealed in the very first session of the legislature without any doubt, said Hindu-hater Congress leader, former Chief Minister, and opposition party leader Siddaramaiah in a press conference. The present BJP Government has passed an anti-conversion bill in the Legislative Assembly and now it has been tabled in the Legislative Council for approval.

Siddaramaiah further stated that he too is against forceful conversion. There is a provision in the Constitution against forcible conversion, then what was the need to enforce a new law ? All sensible people should condemn this. On the other hand, it is being spread that Buddhism, Jainism, Lingayat and Sikhism are part of Hindu Dharma. This is an attempt to cheat people because they are trying to hide that these religions were founded against the Vedic religion.

(Historically, these sects were formed from Hindu Dharma, therefore, they are a part of Hindu Dharma. Not only that, when Islam did not exist 1,400 years ago, people were Idol worshipers. It has also come to light through many researches that 2,000 years ago before Jesus was born and Christianity was established, Hindu Dharma was practiced all over the world. Hence, it is appropriate to call Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs as part of Hindu Dharma. Lingayat is also a part of Hindu Dharma, although a dangerous attempt of separating it from Hindu Dharma is being made by the anti-Hindus. Hindus should protest it using legal means. – Editor)

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