Song withdrawn for namesake respect to the sentiments of Hindus, but no apologies

Editorial comments

  • Has the ‘Saregama Music’ company ever produced a song hurting the religious sentiments of non-Hindus ?
  • It has become a regular feature of hurting religious sentiments of Hindus first and withdrawing when severely opposed. When are Hindus going to create such an impression that no one would dare to insult them ?
  • When will Hindus be able to create an image in the minds of others that no one will dare to insult their seats of faith ?

New Delhi – Agitations and campaigns were organised by devout Hindus throughout India demanding a ban on this song. Due to this, the producer of ‘Saregama Music’ had to bow, and informed that the song would be withdrawn from all media within the next 3 days. The producer tweeted this information claiming that they honour the sentiments of their countrymen, and hence, they were withdrawing the song. However, ‘Saregama Music’ did not apologise to Hindus for hurting their religious sentiments. Hindus are still furious about this.

Saints in Mathura had also opposed this song. Narottam Mishra (Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh) had warned the director Shakib Toshi and actress Sunny Leone that if the song was not withdrawn, strict action would be taken against them.

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