Anti-conversion bill passed in Karnataka Legislative Assembly !

Editorial comment

  • BJP Government is in power in Karnataka as well as in the Centre. Hindus expect BJP to take steps to enact the Anti-Conversion law in the entire country !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The BJP Government passed the Anti-Conversion Bill (‘The Karnataka Protection of Right to Freedom of Religion Bill – 2021’) with a majority in the Karnataka Assembly. Congress, in an attempt to strongly oppose the Bill, termed it as ‘anti-people’, ‘inhumane’, ‘unconstitutional’, ‘anti-poor’, and ‘tough’; however, the Congress failed to block the Bill. (Congress MLAs who create a ruckus in the Assembly should be disqualified ! – Editor)

According to the Bill, a religious converter will have to give one month’s notice to the concerned authorities regarding the location and the date of the scheduled conversion. The Police will then conduct an inquiry into the motive, purpose and cause of such conversions.

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