State Govt can teach Shrimadbhagavadgeeta in schools : Central Govt

Editorial Comments

  • Since the States ruled by other parties will not teach Shrimadbhagavadgeeta due to their hypocritical secularism, Hindus feel that the BJP-ruled States should make it a priority.
  • On one hand, many world-renowned scientists consider Shrimadbhagavadgeeta as the basis of their research, on the other, even after 74 years of Independence, it is not taught to Hindu students in a Hindu-majority country. Shrimadbhagavadgeeta and Sadhana will be taught to everyone in the Hindu Rashtra.

New Delhi – The Shrimadbhagavadgeeta can be taught in schools across the country, the Central Government has said in a reply to a question asked by Mumbai BJP MP Gopal Shetty in Parliament.

During the Question Hour in the Lok Sabha, he had asked if the Government was thinking of teaching Shrimadbhagavadgeeta in schools across the country. To this, Union Minister of State for Education Annapurna Devi said, “Education comes in the concurrent list of (the Constitution). If the States want, they can add Shrimadbhagavadgeeta to their curriculum.

“Under the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary School Education) pattern, Shrimadbhagavadgeeta is already taught in various classes. If States want they can add Shrimadbhagavadgeeta.” At present, some part of Shrimadbhagavadgeeta is being taught to the students of 7th and 8th standard in the CBSE Schools.