Kerala High Court dismisses the plea opposing PM Modi’s photograph on vaccination certificate

The petitioner was fined Rs. 1 Lakh !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Covid vaccination certificates come with PM Modi’s photograph in India. A petition was filed in Kerala High Court, and it was dismissed. Furthermore, the Court has fined Rs. 1 lakh to the petitioner. The Court said this plea was politically motivated and a waste of judicial time. Such frivolous petitions are unacceptable. The fine is to send a strong message to people. The fine should be recovered from the petitioner’s private property if he fails to pay within six weeks.

The petitioner, Peter Myaliparampil requested a vaccination certificate without the Prime Minister’s photograph, but the Central Government did not pay heed. His point of view was, ‘I have paid for both the doses of the vaccine, but this certificate is my personal property with personal information. Hence, I do not wish any compelled viewing’.