If Muslims do not have more children, then how will our society rule India ?

Questions Ghufran Noor, AIMIM District President of Aligarh (UP) 

Editorial Comments

  • According to the Constitution, India is a secular country and every political party talks about their commitment to follow the Constitution. But, in the name of secularism, AIMIM is dreaming of Muslims coming to power in India; when will Hindus notice this ?
  • India was partitioned due to Muslim League, the party of Muslims and now another party of Muslims AIMIM is dreaming of coming to power in India.  Realise that the reason behind this dream is to make another Pakistan in India.

Aligarh (UP) – If Muslims do not give birth to more children, then how will our society rule India ? How Asaduddin Owaisi sahib will become Prime Minister ? How will Shaukat Ali Sahab become the Chief Minister of UP ? A video of AIMIM’s Aligarh District President Ghufran Noor asking these questions in a conversation is circulating on social media. Assembly elections are about to be held in UP. Noor was speaking in that regard.

When this video got viral, Noor clarified it, said that their contribution to the sacrifice is great, but, their proportion in the population is small. (Noor should clarify what sacrifices he is talking about. The sacrifices for the country are few; but, in the last 3 decades, a large number of religious fanatics are being killed due to jihadi terrorism. A question may arise that are they calling this a sacrifice ? – Editor) Noor said his personal opinion is that Owaisi sahib should become the Prime Minister and they were discussing how Owaisi sahib can become Prime Minister. There was nothing unfair in that.