Corruption has become a way of life

Former CJI Ranjan Gogoi replies to the question ‘Is there corruption in the SC?’

Editorial comment

  • The statement of the former Chief Justice of India (CJI) implies that corruption has reached even the Supreme Court (SC). This indicates in which direction India is progressing ! This situation can change only in the Hindu Rashtra of rulers and people abiding by Dharma. 

New Delhi – The former Chief Justice of India (CJI) said, “Corruption is as old as society. Corruption has become a way of life – accepted way of life.” He was talking in an interview by the editor of Zee News Hindi. The editor of this channel – Sudhir Chaudhary asked CJI Gogoi if there is corruption in the Supreme Court (SC) in the interview.

(Reference: Zee News)

Ranjan Gogoi answered various questions at this time. He answered a question about Shriram Janmbhoomi saying, “I alone have not passed the judgement of Shriram Janmbhoomi case. A team of 4 more judges represented the panel of this verdict.

Gogoi was accused of sexual harassment by a female staffer. He was also asked about this in the interview. He replied to this, that he had asked Judge Sharad Bobade to investigate in this regard and later Gogoi was also given a clean chit in the matter.