Saudi Arabia bans ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ !

Banned by labelling the jamaat to be the ‘gateway for terrorism’ and a ‘threat to the society’

Editorial comment

If an important country for Muslims like Saudi Arabia bans the ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ by calling it to be a gateway for terrorism, why is India intimidated to ban it ? When will India take steps similar to Saudi Arabia and take the required actions ? Or will India wake up after this organisation takes action in the country ?

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – Dr Abdullatif Al-Asheikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, announced on social media about this ban on ‘Tablighi Jamaat’, the Sunni Islamic organisation. The organisation is called to be the ‘gateway for terrorism’ as well as a ‘threat to society’. The Minister ordered the Mosques to inform the people about it.

According to the orders given by the Minister of Islamic Affairs to the Mosques and Maulavis (The religious leader of Islam), the following points were covered in his guidance on Friday after Namaz :-

1.    Tablighi Jamaat misleads the people and traps them in terrorism, especially the youngsters.

2.    The major mistakes of this organisation should be mentioned.

3.    The people should know that this organisation is a threat.

4.    People should also know that it will be illegal to maintain relations with Tablighi as well as other dangerous groups.

The Tablighis were accused of being responsible for the spread of the first wave of corona in India ! 

In 2020, the Tablighis were accused of being responsible for the spread of the first wave of coronavirus in India. After the members of this organisation returned to their respective States from the event at Nizamuddin, Delhi, the coronavirus started spreading rapidly. When these members were quarantined, there was sexual harassment of the nurses and the doctor was brutally beaten up by them. At some places, the Police who went to chase the hidden members in the Mosques were attacked. The President of this organisation has not been arrested in this case to date.

History of the Tablighi Jamaat

‘Deobandi Maulana’ (Islamic Scholar) Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalvi founded the ‘Tablighi Jamaat’, the religious organisation of Sunni Muslims in 1926. This foundation was mainly doing the work of rendering religious speeches to the Muslims. The only objective of this non-political organisation was to convey the ‘5 basic principles of Islam’. But now, this organisation is known for doing jihadi terrorist activities. Now, this organisation has worldwide recognition. There are 40 crore members of this organisation in the whole world.