Junk distortions of national heroes in NCERT books : Parliament Panel

Editorial Comments

  • What action will be taken against people involved in junk distortions of national heroes in NCERT books ?
  • Why is it that despite repeated distortions through various mediums, NCERT has not been dissolved ?
  • Hindus must understand that it is not the effect of the British or Mughals, but their own thinking that is causing their downfall !

New Delhi – School textbooks should highlight the lives of hitherto unknown men and women from different States and Districts, who have positively influenced national history, honour and oneness, says a Parliamentary Panel while stressing that NCERT should consider the recommendations received while framing the National Curriculum Framework. Most importantly, the Panel has claimed that junk distortions of the national heroes are noticed in the school textbooks.

  1. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth and Sports in its report on ‘Reforms in Content and Design of School Text Books’ also suggested incorporating ancient wisdom, knowledge and teachings about life and society from the Vedas and other great Indian texts in the school curriculum.
  2. The 32-member Committee’s report focuses on removing references to un-historical facts and distortions about national heroes, ensuring equal or proportionate references to all periods of Indian history, highlighting the role of rulers along with great historical women.
  3. It is observed that NCERT textbooks do not give adequate coverage to some of the great Indian empires like that of Vikramaditya, Cholas, Chalukyas, Vijaynagar, Gondwana or Travancore Ahoms of North-Eastern region.