If in BJP rule, a law against Triple Talak can be introduced; the same can be done for Mathura and Kashi ! : Dr Togadiya

Jaunpur (UP) – Uttar Pradesh is under BJP rule. The law against Triple Talak has been introduced in the country. A similar law has to be made for the temples in Mathura and Kashi. The jihadis who divide the country and destroy the temples must be relentlessly punished. They have to be eliminated out of the country. This will be beneficial for BJP in the upcoming UP elections, said Dr Pravin Togadiya, the President of the International Hindu Council. He was addressing the journalists after taking the ‘darshan’ of the Sharda Shaktipeeth.

Dr Togadiya further said,

The Shriram temple is being built in Ayodhya after the enormous struggle of the Hindus. This makes us happy. We feel contented for that.

Just like the agitation of the Shriram temple, an agitation for the eradication of poverty from India is also necessary. I had presented certain points at the beginning of the agitation for the Shriram temple. The proposal was made for food, cheaper but good quality education for every Hindu, employment of the youths, the good rates to the products and crops of the farmers.