Supreme Court issues Delhi Govt and Centrean ultimatum of 24 hours to curb pollution in Delhi

Editorial comment

Court issues a deadline, which means the expected efforts are not being made by the Government. This shows that nothing happens in this country without a Court order. If this is the case, then why do we even need an expensive showpiece Government ?

New Delhi – We are giving you 24 hours to come up with an action plan to curb Delhi pollution. If no solution is found during the stipulated time, we will take strict action, the Court warned the Delhi and Central Government. Chief Justice N V Ramana slammed the Government saying that Pollution is continuously increasing, and we feel the time is wasted and there is no action being taken. The Supreme Court has been hearing the issue of air pollution in Delhi for the last four weeks and the Court has expressed displeasure as no concrete steps have been taken yet.

In response to the criticism by the Court about the re-opening of schools, Delhi Government informed about online learning options being available. To which Court responded saying, you say students have this online option, but who wants to stay home ? We also have children and grandchildren. We know what problems they have been facing since the beginning of Covid-19.

Why is the pollution still increasing ?

The Court also reprimanded the Government for claiming that they are trying to control pollution. The Court said, when the hearing on this issue started, there was a certain quality of air. If you are saying that you have tried so hard, then why is pollution increasing ? asked the Supreme Court.

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