The very first OPD of Govt Ayurvedic hospital opens in Darbhanga to treat the patients with the help of horoscopes !

Editorial comment

  • This type of revival of Indian culture is worth appreciating ! The other States in the country should also start similar OPD !

Darbhanga (Bihar) – An OPD has been started in the Government Ayurvedic College in Darbhanga to provide medical treatment with the help of the horoscopes of the patients. This is the first OPD to provide healing by astrological treatment, especially in the Government hospital. A medicinal garden has been developed on the campus of this college according to the zodiac signs.

Dr Dineshvar Prasad (Principal of this college) said that ‘Medical Astrology’ is an old branch of Astrology. This branch aims to provide treatment based on the sun, moon and other planets as well as the zodiac signs. The patients are given treatment with the help of their horoscopes and palmistry.

This treatment was very popular in the earlier days, but it faded away with time. However, now it is again being brought to use. Our hospital is the first one to provide this treatment. Along with Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Astrological treatment is also provided here.