If given an opportunity, I will shut down all madarsas, because terrorists receive training at madarsas : Thakur Raghuraj

The number of madarsas is claimed to have reached 22,000 from 250

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The grant given to the madarsas by the UP Government has to be immediately stopped. Hindus feel that Raghraj Thakur should take the required efforts !

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Lucknow (UP) – The number of terrorists in the country is increasing at the places where madarsas are run. They have become a terrorist centre. All the terrorists have studied in the madarsas. UP Minister Thakur Raghuraj Singh has said that if God gives him an opportunity, all the madarsas in the country will be shut down. The video of his statement is going viral on social media.

Raghuraj Singh further added that the terrorists need to be crushed the same way as a snake. The number of madarsas in the country is increasing rapidly. Previously, the number of madarsas in UP was only 250; which has now reached 22,000. The Central Government needs to ban these.

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