Pakistan doesn’t have enough money to run the country ! : Imran Khan

Editorial comments

  • Pakistan doesn’t have enough money to run the country, but they do have the money to spend on the jihadi terrorists, provide them weapons, and spend largely on the Army, why doesn’t Imran Khan talk about this ?
  • Now, no one is lending money to Pakistan even if they beg; it would not be any wonder if, in the future, Pakistan breaks apart due to the civil unrest !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, has officially declared that his Government doesn’t have enough money to run the country. At the time of the inauguration of the first ‘Track and Trace System’ of ‘Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue’, Imran Khan said, “Not having enough money to run the country is the biggest challenge. We are bound to borrow money from foreign countries and this has increased the burden of debts on Pakistan.” He informed that ten years ago, Pakistan had a loan of six trillion dollars (more than INR 447 lakh crore), which has now reached 30 trillion dollars (more than INR 2,235  lakh crore).  The people who evade tax will be detected through the ‘track and trace system’ and we will get the tax recovered from them.

Imran further said that the treasury of Pakistan is currently empty. The tax system couldn’t be properly implemented in Pakistan. People have evaded paying tax. This is not a good thing, but people do not understand that tax recovery is done for the well-being of the people.

Due to the low tax recovery and the increasing foreign debts, Pakistan is facing such a situation wherein it doesn’t have enough money to run the country. This question is concerned not only with the economy but also with the security of the country.

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