I feel ashamed to say ‘Nobody demolished Babri Masjid’ ! : Absurd words of Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram

Editorial Comments

  • Why doesn’t Chidambaram say anything about who demolished Shriram Mandir on ‘Shriram-Janmabhoomi’ in Ayodhya 500 years ago and built Babri Masjid in its place ? Or is he ashamed to say it ?
  • Does Chidambaram feel ashamed of Congress which said, Shriram is a mythical character and Ram-Setu was not built by Shriram ?
  • In 1984, after Indira Gandhi’s assassination, nobody killed 3,500 Sikhs ? Does Chidambaram feel ashamed about this ?
  • In 1948, after Gandhi’s assassination, nobody killed Brahmans all over the country. Is Chidambaram ashamed of it ?
  • Now, Hindus are ashamed of Chidambaram for being a born-Hindu because he feels ashamed of events as per his convenience.

New Delhi – “This country belongs to Nehru, Gandhi and APJ Abdul Kalam. India completed 74 years of Independence, but I feel ashamed to say that nobody demolished Babri Masjid. This conclusion will always keep troubling me”, said P Chidambaram at the inauguration of Salman Khurshid’s book. Chidambaram said what happened on 6.12.1992 was completely wrong. This incident has humiliated our Constitution. All accused were acquitted; therefore, Babri Masjid was not demolished by anyone.

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