FIR against 9 for ‘converting’ tribal Hindus to Islam in Bharuch (Gujarat)

Editors Comment

  • It is only because the Hindus do not have any pride in their own Dharma, and this too because since the Independence rulers of all parties have not bothered to provide education on Dharma, that people of other religions can prey on them – through deceit, lure or force !

17th November 2021 : An FIR was registered against 9 persons, including a local living in London, for allegedly converting more than 100 tribals from 37 families of Kakariya village in Amod Taluka in Bharuch to Islam using foreign funds. The tribals were from Vasava Hindu community, Police said.

“The accused persons took advantage of the weak economic condition and illiteracy among the members of the tribal community to lure them into conversion”, an officer of Bharuch Police said.
The accused have been identified as Shabbir Bakerywala, Samad Bakerywala, Abdul Aziz Patel, Yusuf Patel, Ayyub Patel, Ibrahim Patel, Fefdawala Haji Abdulla, Hasan Tisli and Ismail Achhodwala.

All the accused are local residents barring one who is residing in London and identified as Fefdawala Haji Abdul, who collected funds from abroad for the purpose, Police said.

“The illegal religious conversion activity of fanatic fundamentalists using funds collected from abroad has been going on for long in the village. The accused persons lured the Vasava Hindu community members by offering them money and other help to convert them fraudulently by entering into a criminal conspiracy hatched to spread animosity between members of two communities and affect peace”, Bharuch Police said.