Patriot Editor of ‘Zee News’ Sudhir Choudhary excluded from the programme after opposition by UAE princess

Sudhir Choudhary reviled by the princess with abusive words such as ‘Intolerant’ and ‘Terrorist’

Editorial comments

  • Is any Hindu-hater opposed like this in India ? Realise, Muslim leaders of Congress, some Muslim journalists hate Hindus and often insult Hindutva, yet they are respected all over in India.
  • Realise that Mr Sudhir Choudhary is opposed like this because he incessantly exposes the true face of religious fanatics before society and creates awareness about it.

New Delhi – After the opposition by the UAE princess Hend bint Faisal Al Qasim, the name of Sudhir Choudhary was dropped from the panel of speakers at the ‘Abu Dhabi Chartered Accountants’ event. While objecting to Sudhir Choudhary’s participation in the event, she abused him by calling him ‘Intolerant’ and ‘Terrorist’. Thereafter, the organisers of the event took the decision to drop Mr Sudhir Choudhary’s name from the panel of speakers.

While opposing Sudhir, Princess Qasim said that Sudhir who speaks against Muslims day and night has been invited to our country for honouring him. He is being alleged for giving false, being ‘Islamophobic’ and spreading communal hatred. Should we, a prestigious and professional body, invite and offer a platform and audience to an unprofessional journalist and thereby reduce our dignity and honour ? Sudhir Chodhar targets 20 crores Muslims in India. In many incidents of violence, his contribution is obvious.