Existing corporators, former councillors involved in Malegaon riots triggered by religious fanatics

16th November 2021 : Maharashtra was in turmoil after several Muslim organisations called for protests based on fake news of mosques being vandalised in Tripura. Many cities saw violence as a rampaging crowd of religious fanatics flocked to the streets in opposition to vandalization that never happened.

Startling new facts have emerged in the investigation launched by the Malegaon Police in connection with the violence and disruption caused under the pretext of protesting.

As per a report, the violence witnessed in Malegaon was not a spontaneous eruption of passion but a well-thought-out plan to foment trouble. In fact, the preliminary reports suggest that even political workers were involved in stoking tensions that led to acts of arson, vandalism and plundering.

The Police officials are sifting through CCTV footage now to identity the rabble-rousers and make arrests in the case.

Already, NCP corporator Ayaz Hulchul has been arrested by Malegaon Police. He is reportedly charged for inciting communal tensions by sharing an offensive video clip on social media that had instantly gone viral. The video was widely circulated on the internet, accusing the Tripura Government of failing to stop the alleged vandalism.

Existing corporators, former councillors accused of fomenting violence in Malegaon

Police have registered five separate cases in the Malegaon violence case. Police has launched a search for the suspects, including those responsible for sharing offensive videos, pelting of stones, inciting people and hatching a conspiracy to wreak violence. Many of the suspects are political workers, including former corporators. The accused also include two existing corporators, two former corporators and the son of a former corporator.

Most importantly, a brother-in-law of a big political leader is also a suspect in the case. It is understood that the Police are searching for the two existing corporators along with him.

Violence erupts in protest organised by Raza Academy and All India Sunni Jamiat Ulema

Raza Academy and All India Sunni Jamiat Ulema called for a shutdown in protest against the alleged vandalisation of mosques in Tripura. A rally was organised, which turned violent, resulting in the destruction of several shops, properties worth millions of Rupees being set on fire and damaged. A case has been registered against the organisers in this regard. However, the organisers have not yet been arrested.