A gang engaged in making false documents of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims with Hindu names and sending them abroad arrested

Editorial comment

This incident throws light on the inefficiency and corruption in the Indian Administration. The accused should be hanged until death as punishment.

Lucknow (UP) – Anti-Terrorism squad of Uttar Pradesh has arrested a gang sending Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims abroad with Hindu names. Ajay Ghildiyal from Saharanpur has been arrested in this case. He was an employee in the Customer Care Department of Air India. He was working at the International Airport in Delhi since 2016. He has been alleged of sending 40 individuals through fake documents to countries in Europe such as Spain, Britain, etc.

Vikram from Ghaziabad and Sameer Mandal from 24 Parganas of Bengal were arrested for helping the gang. Sameer runs a travel agency. He was giving Indian Citizenship to Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslim intruders. With this citizenship, they were sent abroad. After Vikram’s investigation, Ajay was arrested.

Ajay was paid Rs. 15,000 per person for the abovementioned work. Part of this amount was distributed to other employees too. Gurpreet is also accused in this case. He works in the Passport Department in London. Ajay was found to be in his contact. He was helping Gurpreet in this work.

This gang is engaged in making false Aadhar cards of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims in Hindu names, Election cards, Passport, etc. It also prepares a false report of vaccination. Police are searching for other members of this gang.