1,200 converted Hindus return to Hindu Dharma in Chhattisgarh !

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) – In the Khuntapani Village of Pathalgaon, Chhattisgarh, Prabal Pratap Singh Judev, the member of the royal family in Jashpur as well as the State Minister of BJP washed the feet of 1,200 people from four hundred families. This occasion was graced by the presence of Devendra Pratap Singh from the royal family of Raigad, Anshul Dev Maharaj from Arya Samaj and thousands of other people. This programme was organised by Hindus and the Arya Samaj. A day before the programme, ‘Kalash Yatra’ was organised by the Arya Samaj. Hundreds of women participated in this. Moreover, three hundred youngsters engaged in a two-wheeler rally. At that time, the slogans of ‘Jai Shriram’ were raised. The ancestors of the Hindus, who returned to Hindu Dharma, had converted to another religion three generations before. They were extremely poor at that time. They were lured in various ways and converted.

The protection of Hindu Dharma is the only resolution of my life ! – Prabal Pratap Singh Judev

The protection of Hindu Dharma is the only resolution of my life, so was said by Prabal Pratap Singh Judev in his address to the audience on this occasion. This is a good sign that such a large number of people is returning to Hindu Dharma. Misusing the helplessness of others can never last long. The missionaries converted the people under the name of providing good education and health by taking the disadvantage of their helplessness. We will always keep foiling this conspiracy.

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