‘Aravana Payasam’ Prasad in the Sabarimala temple is prepared by the temple staff : Kerala Devaswom Board

Editorial comment

If so, how is the Halal-certified ‘Aravana Payasam’ Prasad available in the temple premises under the Arabic name ‘Al-Zahaa’ ? Will the Marxist Communist Party Government in Kerala investigate if anyone has conspired the propaganda that ‘Hindu temple Prasad is being made by a Muslim’ ?

The contract of making Prasad is not given to the Arabic firm

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The sweet ‘Aravana Payasam’ Prasad available in Sabarimala temple is made by the temple staff itself; while only the contracts for the supply of rice and jaggery are outsourced, clarified the executive officer of the Kerala Devaswom Board.

Recently, news became viral that the Kerala Devaswom Board has given a contract of making the ‘Aravana Payasam’ Prasad to a Muslim person and that the Prasad is available under Arabic name ‘Al-Zahaa’ and has ‘Halal’ mentioned on it. Heavy criticism followed from all over the country. Explaining this, the Sabarimala temple official said that the contract of making Prasad is not given to the Arabic firm. It is being told that this kind of Prasad can be made and sold by anybody.