Naxalites hanged four members of a family in Gaya !

Editorial Comments

  • Naxalites dare to do such an act shows that there is no fear of the Police. It is shameful for the Police !
  • It is shameful for all party Governments that they could not finish the Naxalism that is going on for six decades.

Gaya (Bihar) – Maoist hanged four people, including two women, of the same family to death in the village Monbar, about 70 Km from Gaya. Maoists burnt one house and a two-wheeler; after that, they put on a pamphlet written that killers of humanity and traitors have no other punishment than the death penalty. It is revenge for the killings of our four comrades; Amresh, Seeta, Shivapujan, Uday. In the future also such actions will continue.

Janamukti Chapakar Sena, Madhya Vibhag Jharkhand, CPI(Maoist) has put on this pamphlet. After this incident, there is fear in the area. Nobody wants to speak about this.