Suspicious death of a Hindu girl who married a Muslim in Agra

Violence, stone-pelting and shooting between the two communities

Editorial comment

Another victim of Love Jihad, when will such incidents stop ?

Agra (UP) – Violence erupted in the Shahganj area ​​ after the death of a Hindu girl under mysterious circumstances. It lead to stone pelting, violence and firing. She had married a Muslim man a year ago.

A Hindu girl, Varsha had married Arman, a Muslim youth a year ago. Both had fled their homes.  The two were living at Chilli Pada in Agra. It was here that Varsha’s body was found strangled, while Arman was absconding. “My sister cannot commit suicide,” said Dushyant, the girl’s brother. She has been murdered.

Superintendent of Police Sudhir Kumar said the death was being investigated and the culprit will not be spared.